Protect: [Activate] Once per turn, blocks 100% damage to any ally about to take a critical hit.

 Morale: [Match 5] All other allied units gain a +10% ATK boost before combat.

 Valor: [Attack] Gains a +7% SPD boost if attacking this round.

 Solo: [Attack] Deals a x3 Critical hit if attacking alone. This damage cannot be blocked or evade.


 Regen: [Activate] Repairs itself for 5% of it's total DUR at the beginning of combat.

 Repair: [Attack] Repairs an ally for 7% of thier total DUR before attacking.

 Pierce: [Attack] Ignores enemy Armor ability. 25% chance of dealing a x1 Critical hit.

 Laser: [Match 5] [Attack] This unit deals a x1 Critical hit to the target.


 Detect: [Attack] Ignores enemy Stealth ability. [Match 5] All other allied units gain +10% SPD.

 Rally: [Attack] If the next attacker is an ally both units will deal a x1 Critical hit.

 Disruptor: [Attack] 15% chance to deactivate the enemy target.

 Plasma: [Attack] Gains a 3% ATK boost for each second left in the match phase.


 Scavenge: May pay attack and activation costs with empty gears.

 Vicious: [Activate] Gains a 25% ATK boost whenever any other unit is destroyed.

 Explode: [Activate] [Death] This unit deals a x2 Critical hit to the enemy unit that destroyed it.

 Drone: [Activate] [Death] After combat, this unit is replaced with a Death-Drone.


 Assist: [Match 5] Grants one free resource to an ally with the highest remaining resource cost.

 Armor: All damage inflicted on this unit is reduced by 25%.

 Flying: [Activate] 30% chance to evade attacks from enemy units without Flying.

 Overkill: [Match 5] [Attack] Deals an additional 20% ATK splash damage to all other enemies.


 Stealth: [Attack] Gains a 60% chance to evade enemy attacks for this combat round.

 Raid: [Match 5] [Attack] Repairs itself for 10% of total DUR at the end of the combat round.

 Ambush: [Activate] A free attack. This attack always deals a x1 Critical hit.

 Cannon: [Attack] Ignores enemy Flying ability. Gains a 3% ATK boost for each extra match.